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Recognize Foods that Cause High Gout, Avoid If Need

Gout or known as gout is joint pain because gout in the blood has accumulated around the joints and formed crystals. There is no exact cause of gout, but if your uric acid level is high, you should avoid some of the following foods. In the body there is a substance called purine. This substance is formed naturally. In addition, purines can also be found in some foods. When it needs to break down purines, the body produces uric acid to do this. The more levels of purines that must be broken down, the more levels of uric acid produced by the body. Some types of foods that need to be limited, even avoided to prevent uric acid levels from rising, include: Sea food Although there are various benefits of sea fish, but you should avoid consumption of sea fish if your uric acid levels are high. Examples are sardines and anchovies. Also avoid seafood like clams. Because, the fish mentioned contain high purines. If you want to eat fish, choose salmon, with purine levels not as high as oth
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This List of Foods That Contain Folic Acid and Its Benefits For The Body

For women, folic acid is very beneficial for health, both before and during pregnancy. There are a variety of foods that contain folic acid, ranging from vegetables to fruits. Here are a variety of the best folic acid food sources that you can consume. Folic acid or folate is another name for vitamin B9 which is one of eight types of vitamin B complex. Like all B vitamins, folic acid has an important role in maintaining healthy nervous system, and helps process fats and carbohydrates in the body. Apart from vitamin supplements, you can also get the benefits of this vitamin from food sources that contain folic acid. Benefits of Folic Acid for Health You Need to Know Not only as a hero during pregnancy, vitamin supplements containing folic acid or foods that contain folic acid are very useful for health, including: Prevents birth defects such as neural tube defects (birth defects in parts of the brain, spine, and spinal nerves). Reducing the risk of babies born prematurely or bab

Vitamin E Deficiency Can Cause Miscarriage To Blindness

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is important for health. Vitamin E deficiency in the long run can be fatal, especially in pregnant women. The reaction to the lack of vitamin E can only be felt years later. Vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining all organs of the body working properly, especially for the health of the skin, eyes and immune system. This vitamin found in many vegetables works as an antioxidant which slows cell damage. Vitamin E deficiency is actually rare. But if it does, the impact can be dangerous. Vitamin E Deficiency in Pregnant Women Pregnant women are generally only given supplements of folic acid and iron to maintain pregnancy. In fact, the study found that women who lack vitamin E are more at risk of miscarriage than those who are not. Meanwhile, other studies have found that vitamin E plays a role in protecting the embryo and fetus in the womb. This condition can be improved by taking pregnancy supplements that contain vitamin E. In fact,

Low hematocrit level, this is the cause

The hematocrit amount will usually appear on the results of a complete blood test used to diagnose an illness. Low hematocrit indicates someone suffering from anemia. Maybe you are not too familiar with the term low hematocrit and what causes it. Hematocrit is part of a complete blood test that is usually done to detect whether someone is suffering from anemia, in addition to examination of hemoglobin (Hb) levels. Hematocrit examination can also be done to find out what the body's response to the treatment that is being run. This test will measure the level of red blood cells in your blood which is responsible for carrying oxygen and various other nutrients throughout the body. The body needs the right level of red blood cells to keep you healthy. The hematocrit level varies depending on your gender and age. Keep in mind, if the hematocrit level is measured with a dose percentage. For example, if a person's hematocrit level is at 20 percent, there are 20 milliliters of red

Varicella vaccine can be given to children and adults

Varicella or chickenpox is the name for chicken pox. Characterized by increased body temperature, then appear rashes resembling a blister filled with fluid and will rupture in time. This disease usually attacks in childhood, but can also occur in adulthood. To avoid chickenpox, it is recommended to get the varicella vaccine. People who already get the varicella vaccine have a lower risk of getting chicken pox. Even if affected, usually only mild. You need to know, this disease is mild, but can also develop into more serious. Give Varicella Vaccine on Schedule Chickenpox is caused by a Varicella zoster virus infection. When you are given the varicella vaccine, your body is inserted with a live virus but it has been weakened, so it cannot attack. Then the immune system will respond. If later on there is a similar virus that attacks, the immune system can recognize and ward off. Varicella vaccine will be more effective if given in infancy to childhood. Research shows, 90 percent of